🎯 CARE4Space.it Rocketry Team and Club Goals

Goals: The Club started to create a small simple at the beginning and will evolve into more complex rockets with a self-designed system and join the international competition. The aim is to learn together about the fundamentals of rocketry through developing components for a rocket, gaining hands-on experience by manufacturing & testing the components and researching and developing novel new technologies in the field of experimental rocketry. Plans for the team include building a and the development of guidance systems to reach a long term objective of the of at 100 Km by 2029

We want to encourage the study of careers for all in a fun and practical way, developing adequate skills and showing the students that they can also be great scientists and engineers. Promoting the , science and engineering sectors, providing training in these fields and encouraging collaboration between students from different degrees or institutions. 

  • Learning from failure
  • Master communication in English, speaking in public and facing a Team Jury Pitch
  • Handle relations with organisations, suppliers and sponsors
  • Learn to write specifications, and technical reports and work safely and checklists
  • Learn to discuss proposals and plan complex and modular projects between teams
  • Learn to prepare and participate in a Design, Safety and Technical
  • Acquire context knowledge, transversal skills, rules and regulations for competitions
  • Learn to solve complex technical problems and formulate innovative solutions;
  • Learn to plan, organise and manage even complex and/or innovative processes;
  • Collaborate and coordinate with industry experts and train/update themselves
  • Learn how to do PR, , , and launch a
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