🔺OpenRocket Simulator Individual task Rocket Design

🔺OpenRocket Simulator 📐Rocket design 🚀Flight simulation and motor performance

No engineering background is required to join our team, we will support the candidates, involved in the 's building process, with all the necessary content, tutorial, help and to become a pro rocket expert & enthusiast, starting with a simple and safe water rocket. Next, in our program, our members can test the performance of a model rocket before actually building and flying it, computing the aerodynamic properties of rockets and simulating their flight in a really easy way. The learning path is divided into two steps:

📐Rocket design with the model rocket you intend to build, choosing from a wide range of body components, trapezoidal, elliptical and free-form , inner components, and mass objects. During this phase you will work with a 2D representation of the rocket you are building and various technical information (size, mass, , max. , max. , stability, centre of gravity (CG), ) about your rocket, so you can already have a good idea of its performance even before running any simulation.

🚀Flight simulation and motor performance, running one or more simulations of your rocket's flight, choosing from one or more motor configurations. Each simulation returns a wide range of data about the rocket's flight that you will to understand and use to improve your design.

When all the design and the simulation are fine, it will be time to make it starting from a 🟧 and after putting together the parts, as you will learn in the L1 In Training program.

For our training we use 🚀 , a free, fully-featured model rocket simulator software that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before you build and fly them. 


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