Rocket Club's “secret" Master plan, roadmap from zero to hero in 10 steps!

🧊Team Payload and 🥼Scientific Experiments

A without a is just a firework! Therefore it is essential to be able to launch functional payloads of no less than 1kg in the form of scientific creativity, experiments and technological demonstrations with real impact on society. It will be a further opportunity to involve and make the Rocketry Team known to the realities of the territory by establishing collaboration with schools, groups of students and research centres that will be able to exploit the unique conditions of up to 8-10g, and exposure to radiation that a rocket can deliver. Skills and what you can learn:

  • / and team working methodology
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving
  • software and load and stability management
  • Payload industry-standard: / /
  • Planning and carrying out scientific experiments
  • Relations and collaborations with organisations and institutions
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