Material Structure Propulsion Test Rocket Engine

🔥Team Material Structure Propulsion Rocket Engine Test

The team is responsible for the entire design of the structure; the design, implementation and testing of experimental rocket engines or the use of commercial engines. Typically mechanical and chemical engineering students. Skills and what you can learn:

  • The organisation, control and optimization of processes
  • / and team working methodology
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Basic knowledge of chemistry, materials, mechanics, mathematics and physics
  • machining and power tools
  • Modelling, functional and structural design, fluid machines
  • Engineering Drawings, Fusion 360 Software and
  • Manufacturing of components with additive manufacturing rapid prototyping techniques
  • software to design, simulate and fly rockets
  • Use of composite materials and practical skills, mechatronics and servo-based solutions
  • Knowing how to create and in the medium-term work with /paraffin and oxidants
CARE4Space - Fabius 1 - First prototype
CARE4Space – Fabius 1 – First prototype
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